Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Books from the Past

I was trying to organize my bookshelves the other day and I found two books that I hadn't read in a few years, but I remember how much I loved them.  I have recommended them to my friends and family, and now I want to share them with you.  Have you read them?  If so, what did you think?

Angel at Troublesome Creek by Mignon F. Ballard Angel At Troublesome Creek
Ballard (Final Curtain, etc.) begins a new series with a most unusual protagonist. Augusta Goodnight, who drew her last mortal breath during WWII, comes back to the living as a guardian angel, appearing just in time to help Mary George Murphy figure out the problems in her life. Mary George has been having a rough time: her beloved Aunt Caroline, her adoptive mother, has died recently under odd circumstances; she has been fired from her job; and her jerk of a fianc? has dumped her ("Three weeks after that hussy aerobics instructor moved in next door to him, his mind turned to tofu"). With the unpredictable assistance of Augusta, Mary George begins rebuilding her life, while she tries to sort out what could have happened to Aunt Caroline. At the center of the mystery is a missing Bible that contains an important secret. Mary George's efforts to get at the truth lead her on an important journey of self-discovery. Along the way she is reunited with a childhood friend, who just may be an important part of her future. Ballard writes with great warmth and sassy humor. The puzzle, however, is far less important than Mary George's progress, spurred by the brash Augusta, toward happiness and self-reliance. 
I have read all of the Augusta Goodnight novels and I just love them.  If you have not experienced the fun, engaging Augusta and the world Ballard creates, you need to RUN to the bookstore right now!

A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin A Crazy Little Thing Called Death (Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, No. 6)
Impoverished Philadelphia heiress Nora Blackbird has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey's most notorious mobster, leaving the city's bluebloods in shock. Then Nora and her sisters get some ominous news-Sweet Penny Devine, ex-Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has mysteriously disappeared. Even stranger, her family wants her declared dead pronto. Could someone have plotted her final act? Now it's up to the Blackbird sisters to snoop among the snooty-until they uncover the truth.  
This is the sixth in the Blackbird series.  The Blackbird sisters are great fun.  I love this series and have read all of the novels so far.  I can't wait for the next one!

What books have you recently found in your bookshelves that you love?  

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